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Dr.stretch History

Picture this: It's 2020, and I'm battling excruciating chronic muscular pain. But then, I discovered a game-changing solution in Singapore – Dr.stretch. Their stretching services tackled my flexibility and posture woes, offering the perfect solution for my pain.

Welcoming Dr.stretch to the UAE in 2023

I quickly realized I was not alone. Countless individuals were yearning for better mobility, pain relief and effective stretching solutions. That's when inspiration struck! I decided to team up with Dr.stretch, bringing their proven methods right to the people of the UAE.

A Global Presence

Dr.stretch stands as a leading name in the wellness industry. With nearly 3,000 experienced trainers in almost 250 stores across five countries in Asia, we have made a substantial impact. Our greatest accomplishment? Helping over a million customers to achieve their stretching and mobility goals.

Innovation And Growth

Originally designed for and applied to elite professional athletes, we brought our Core Balance Stretch, a unique compilation of over 150 stretching techniques, to the wider public. This innovative method laid the groundwork for deep muscle tissue stretching and improved mobility, setting a new standard in the field.

2010 - Founding Vision

Welcome to the world of Dr.stretch, a vision brought to life in 2010 by Masahiro Kurokawa in Japan. A story born out of a father's quest to help his son, and a journey that revolutionized the health and wellness industry.

Meet The Founder Of Dr.stretch

Unfolding a 13+ year long journey: the Evolution of Dr.stretch. From a personal quest to pioneering a global movement in stretching and mobility enhancement, transforming lives along the way.

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