Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have private rooms?

We have a ladies-only dedicated room to ensure the privacy of female clients. We also have an additional room that can accommodate couples’ stretching sessions.

Does assisted stretching hurt?

Assisted stretching can be mildly painful when your muscles are very tight and you extend them into stretched positions. Your trainer will always be checking in with you on your comfort level and will adjust the stretch to your comfort. During the stretch, the trainer will ask you where you are on an intensity scale (your own scale) of 1-10. We aim to keep most of stretches up to to a 7 rate of intensity; if it gets near to being too intense, just tell your trainer that you are approaching your threshold. Some people prefer a more vigorous stretch, others less so; the stretch is in your control.

When should I come for a stretch?

Any time of the day is suitable for stretching and you can select the timing that works best for your schedule. If you plan to work on the day of your stretch session, we recommend that you come for a stretch session after your workout session, rather than before it.

How often should I stretch?

This will depend on your individual situation and circumstances. Your Dr.stretch trainer will be able to advise on an appropriate frequency and devise a plan of visits to help you achieve your goals.

I have an injury. Is it safe for me to come for a stretch session?

We prefer to not stretch anyone who is suffering from any sort of acute injury. You should see a doctor or physical therapist and get clearance from them before coming to Dr.stretch. We are NOT physical therapists. If, however, you suffer from chronic pain, discomfort or tightness, getting an assisted stretch is okay - as long as your doctor or physical therapist approves.

What should I wear to my stretching session?

You can wear whatever you will feel comfortable getting stretched in and does not restrict your movement. People wear workout clothes, gym shorts, yoga gear, loose fitting shorts, T-shirts. We also provide loose fitting loungewear in case you do not carry comfortable gear and would like to wear our Dr.stretch loungewear for your stretch - free of charge.

Do I need to book in advance?

Ideally, you should make a booking for your preferred slot. Clients with bookings will be served first. Our studio gets very busy at certain time, especially on weekends and work week evenings. To avoid  waiting, we advise that you book in advance by calling or messaging us.

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